My Motorcycle is Home

No matter the season, the region or the climate, there are adventurers touring the globe on their motorcycles. Never flinching in the face of adversity and spending their days in the saddles of their bikes, these men and women live the untethered lives most of us can only dream of.

In early 2015, Touratech-USA contacted many of the adventure riders they work with and asked them to provide video footage from the road and speak on camera about the life of a motorcycle traveler and the relationship they have with their bike. The response from the riders was terrific and the result is the scintillating, short film, ‘My Motorcycle is Home.'

Featuring adventure motorcycle legends, Helge Pedersen and Simon and Lisa Thomas along with filmmaker Daniel Rintz, American riders Sandy, Terry and Jack Borden and relative newcomers to the scene, Claudia and Mirko Nagler, the film gives a diverse glimpse into the adventure motorcycle touring lifestyle and its challenges.

“Touratech works so closely with these amazing people. We talk to them in all of these exotic spots and hear the stories of their struggles too. It seemed like a cool idea to give everybody a look at motorcycle adventure touring through the riders eyes.” Matt Lewis, Marketing Manager, Touratech-USA

‘My Motorcycle is Home’ has a running time of 5:25 and most of the shots are from helmet mounted cameras in far reaching locations across globe. The interviews took place in Mexico, South America and Touratech-USA’s Seattle headquarters.

Category: Adventure | Travel