UPoA: Back from Madagascar - the journey is the reward!

The most difficult terrain, muddy tracks, extreme climate, tropical cyclones, risky river crossings and an emotional roller coaster: Our “United People of Adventure” team experienced not just one but a whole lot of adventures on their Madagascar expedition.

A new challenge beyond every curve. Improvisation and stamina as a survival strategy. If you are stuck in the mud up to your hips, mentally and physically exhausted, you have to push your limits. The philosophical perception “The journey is the reward” reaches a new dimension.

All these experiences have brought the team members even closer together. The “United People of Adventure” have lived up to their name.  “Would I do it again?! In a heartbeat!”,  says UPoA rider July Behl. “I terribly miss everyone already.”

Learn what the riders had to go through, how they experienced the journey and why “Fantala” created a whirl of confusion. Don’t miss our regular update at  www.real-adv.com

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