BEARTREK - a Teaser of What's to Come

Go on a “whirlwind trip of the bear’s world” with Chris Morgan. Chris narrates this multi-media presentation that explains why “what’s good for bears is good for people.” He also shares how BEARTREK –the film and campaign – came to be, and describes a few of the ways that Wildlife Media is already helping protect critical habitat. The “show” includes scenes from BEARTREK the movie.

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"Bears of the Last Frontier": Journey into the Kingdom of Bears

Follow the epic journey of wildlife conservationist and bear biologist Chris Morgan as he travels by his Touratech equipped BMW F 650 GS Dakar across Alaska. A boook which reflects the magic of the wilderness and takes you into the kingdom of bears.

Scientist, conservationist and motorbike adventurer: Chris Morgan, Executive Director of the non-profit organization Wildlife Media and Producer of BEARTREK, the movie, has now also written a book: “Bears of the Last Frontier”, a fascinating  journey  into the kingdom of bears.

Follow the epic journey of wildlife conservationist and bear biologist Chris Morgan as he travels by his Touratech equipped BMW F 650 GS Dakar across Alaska while filming the PBS Nature documentary "Bears of the Last Frontier". From thick forests to the icy arctic, his immersion into the bears' world reveals, as never witnessed before, an astonishingly intimate portrait of North America's three bear species: brown bears, black bears, and polar bears.

Morgan treks deep into the wild and magical habitat of brown bears on the Alaska Peninsula, grizzly bears in Denali National Park, and polar bears on the sea ice. He also uncovers the mystery and beauty of these awe-inspiring animals and gets to know the native people who live in the same landscape. An exciting documentary full of breath-taking photos which reflect the magic of the wilderness and the secretive beauty of these fascinating animals – well worth reading and a recommendation not only for bear lovers! The book is available in English language only. Forword by Susan and Jeff Bridges.

Packed with breathtaking photographs “Bears of the last Frontier” (214 pages) is available from the Touratech-Webshop. For each copy sold, Touratech will donate one Euro to Wildlife Media’s conservation projects.

Conservation Work on a motorbike


BEARTREK is a unique nature documentary wrapped in a motorbike adventure. Yet it is a lot more than a movie: It is a project that funds wildlife conservation around the globe and it has already made a difference as a “successs story in the making”. One example: Wildlife Media has helped setting up a newly protected area in Peru to save the endangered Andean bear.


During his visit to the Touratech headquarters in Niedereschach / South Germany, we talked to Chris Morgan about BEARTREK on Touratech Web-TV. In a different video Chris explains, how his BMW F650 GS Dakar helps him to capture the magic of wilderness and bring bears, their incredible habitats and their conservation needs to a worldwide audience.


Touratech supports BEARTREK and you can also help protect bears and the wild places they live in. With the purchase of these high quality pannier stickers, that also look great, you help funding conservation projects around the globe. Touratech donates the proceeds directly to BEARTREK.


You will find further information on the project and the BEARTREK demo videos at


Watch Chris Morgan talking to David Letterman on the famous Late Show:

BEARTREK: Chris Morgan visits Touratech

Chris Morgan: Protecting Bears by Motorcycle

Through the BEARTREK project, Chris Morgan commits himself to the conservation of endangered bear species around the world. In order to observe these impressive animals in their natural, but remote habitats, the scientist and filmmaker counts on a highly mobile form of transportation: the motorcycle. Click here to find out more.

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