Touratech Defensa hand protectors in new colours

Touratech Defensa hand protectors in new colours

Black and yellow bracket

With the Defensa range of protectors, Touratech has opened a new chapter in hand and lever protection for adventure bikes. These robust aluminium protectors are now available in fascinating new colours.

Maximum utility value under tough operating conditions is the top priority for all Touratech products. For the Defensa range of protectors, this means they must provide maximum protection for handlebar fittings, levers and hands. To achieve this, Touratech has opted for a high-strength construction made of forged aluminium. The closed design encloses the fittings completely and is supported on clamping blocks as well as on the handlebar ends - a principle that has proven its worth on rally motorcycles.

This system consists of two bolted main components as well as an attachment set. By deciding on a multi-part construction, the developers gained additional variation options for adapting the Defensa to the geometry of a wide range of handlebars and fittings. This means that the necessary space behind the protector is always provided, enabling the levers to move freely. With the Defensa, the annoying tendency of parts, in particular the clutch lever, to hit the protector – as is often the case with universal products – is a thing of the past.

A technical-silver look or rather in yellow, or black?

Discerning adventure riders, however, don‘t just insist on maximum functionality. They are also individualists who want to express their own personal style through their vehicle. Touratech now meets this wish with two attractive colour variants of the Defensa. Depending on your preference, the two components made of high-strength aircraft aluminium are available anodised in the metal colour as usual, or plastic-coated in black. The Defensa is also available with a yellow coating exclusively for drivers of liquid-cooled BMW Boxers.

Simple adaptation for onroad and offroad use

Of course, the Defensa range of accessories is also available for the new variants. While the use of the original protector is recommended for pure offroad use, the Defensa can be upgraded for touring and travelling with a wind deflector made of robust plastic that effectively protects your hands against the elements. Even more comfort is provided by the additional installation of a spoiler.

And the wind deflector and spoiler also offer additional customisation options – both are available in black or white and can be combined as desired.

  1. Hand protectors DEFENSA Expedition for BMW R1250GS/ R1250GS Adventure/ R1200GS (LC)/ R1200GS Adventure (LC)
    Hand protectors DEFENSA Expedition for BMW R1250GS/ R1250GS Adventure/ R1200GS (LC)/ R1200GS Adventure (LC)
    As low as €158.73


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