Stainless steel crash bar extension for BMW R1200RT (LC)

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Delivery time: 3-5 days

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The fact is, there are times when even an RT can fall over.

To avoid expensive repairs to the valve cover or fairing parts, at Touratech we combined all our experience from thousands of crash bars. We commissioned designers and used the latest technologies to develop these high-end crash bars and crash bar extensions for you.

The large 25 mm stainless steel tubes with a wall thickness of 2 mm are engineered to perfectly protect your RT. Aesthetically, with their sophisticated lines, they look like they belong on your RT.

Elegant, safe and easy to fit - the way perfect protection should be!

Using new fastening systems has made it possible to provide the RT with optimal all-round protection.

The crash bar is supported on a solid 4 mm thick stainless steel base plate, which also acts as an engine guard. The sides are each supported via two special decoupling elements on the rear sections of the valve covers.
All elements use special fastenings to ensure the best possible force distribution in the event of a crash, while facilitating fitting by compensating for any manufacturing tolerances on the bike.

The crash bar extension was designed and developed in conjunction with the crash bar. With the same tube dimensions, it makes an unmistakeable statement about its protective qualities!
Here too, Touratech uses new friction-fit fastening systems that are strong and easy to install.
But the best feature of all is that the lines of the crash bar extension perfectly match and complement the design of the RT.

The combination of Touratech crash bar and crash bar extension for the BMW R 1200 RT, 2014 onwards, provides perfect protection from manifold to tank.

Only in conjunction with our crash bar. (047-5160)
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