BC K900 EDGE battery charger for lead acid batteries


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BC K900 EDGE is the latest and most innovative charger, preserver and restorer on the market, with a new automotive design. The unit is ideal for all 6/12V batteries (with liquid electrolyte, MF, AGM, VRLA and gel batteries) and with CAN bus compatible program to charge the battery directly through the 12V socket of motorbikes with CAN bus (e.g. BMW).
BC K900 EDGE guarantees the best performance and longer battery life, thanks to an 8-step fully automatic charging algorithm for battery diagnosis, recovery (from 1.25 volts), charging, desulphation and long-term maintenance. The charger can always remain connected to the battery as long as the vehicle remains unused.
With BC K900 EDGE, you can choose from three specific programmes: 6-volt batteries, 12-volt batteries and 12-volt CAN bus to charge the battery through the 12V socket of motorbikes with CAN bus system.
Mode selection is simple. 3 LEDs (one for each programme) constantly indicate the mode in use, which is held in memory for later use.
Charging and maintaining a battery on a motorbike with a 12V CAN bus system has never been easier: the revolutionary BC KEY-LESS direct connection system allows direct connection to the 12V DIN 4165 socket (installed on BMW motorbikes) without having to turn the key and switch on the instrument panel.
BC K900 EDGE delivers a maximum current of 1 amp and is suitable for charging and maintaining all 6/12 volt batteries from 1.2 to 45 Ah (up to 100 Ah for maintenance). A pair of LEDs indicates the phase being carried out as well as any error messages in real time.
BC K900 EDGE is protected against short circuit, reverse polarity, overvoltage and overheating.

The package includes:
- a waterproof battery cable with eyelets that can always remain mounted on the vehicle
- a battery connection cable with insulated terminals
- a 12/18 mm universal adapter (optional accessory) to charge the battery from the cigarette lighter.

- Input voltage 220-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
- Output voltage 6.9 V / 7.2 V - Nominal 6 V (6-volt mode)
- 13.8 V / 14.4 V - nominal 12 V (12-volt mode)
- Charging current 1 A max.
- Charging algorithm 8 automatic charging stages (initialisation, recovery, light charge, main charge, desulphation, battery analysis, conservation, equalisation)
- Battery types 6/12 V lead-acid (wet, gel, maintenance-free, VRLA, AGM, Ca/Ca, etc)
- Battery capacity From 1.2 Ah to 45 Ah (charging), up to 100 Ah (maintenance)
- Operating temperature From -20° to +50°C
- IP protection class: Weatherproof - splash-proof IP44 (suitable for outdoor use)

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