Duonix Bike-Scan 2 Pro diagnostic device for Yamaha with OBD EURO5 / ISO19689 diagnostic cable


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Diagnostic device for motor vehicles and motorbikes. A diagnostic system with an intuitive and easy-to-understand user interface in 10 languages. The simple symbol-based menu structure helps the user to complete his tasks quickly and reliably. The extensive functions and special features provide the user with a unique diagnostic system. It is impossible to imagine a modern car / two-wheeler workshop without this diagnostic device.

Supported control units:
Engine electronics / engine control unit CDI
Central electronics / chassis electronics BCM
Instrument cluster / speedometer
Tyre pressure monitoring RDKS
ABS - anti-lock braking system
Anti-theft alarm system / Alarm system
Radio / Multimedia
Radio control unit
Electric Hydraulic Tilt Stand
Battery Management System BMS
Integrated Supply Control Module ICSM
Electric power steering EPS
Electronic power throttle EPT
Exhaust flap control FCE
Keyless GO System
Headlights LED
Automatic gearbox / transmission control
Traction control

Diagnostic functions / diagnostic options:
Service reset / Service reset / DESMO / Oil
Read and delete fault memory completely
Key programming
Set injection system
Unlocking the immobiliser
Throttle valve setting / adaptation
Date and time setting e.g. after battery replacement
Reset adaptation values
Specific actual/target values / live data
Read current KM and software
Read out chassis number
Valve clearance service reset
Bleed ABS pressure modulator / Bleed test from ABS hydraulic system
Brake wear indicator Initialise
Windshield calibration
ESA/SAF shock absorber calibration
Stepper calibration
Calibration of height sensor, windshield, idle speed adjuster, foil sensor etc...
Calibration of sensors e.g. exhaust flap, interference tube flap, reversing aid setting, drive value sensor, gearbox, idling actuator, lambda sensors etc...
Actuator diagnostics e.g. fan, injection nozzle, valves
Tyre pressure sensor RDC teach-in - programming - initialisation
No limitation or restriction to models

Technical features:
3.5-inch IPS colour display with high resolution
Robust housing with ergonomic handles
Graphical user interface via clear icons
Long metal dome keys on membrane keypad
Rubber-protected housing
Battery-free operation, power supplied by the machine
Update via USB-C standard cable
Software updates automatically via Windows software
Dimensions L/W/H 17x11x4cm Weight 300g

Supports the following Yamaha models (with OBD EURO5 / ISO19689 diagnostic cable):
N-Max 125
Tenere 700
Tracer 900  
Tricity 300
X-Max 300 Tech Max

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