Engine Guard ”Expedition” for BMW R1300GS

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Whether on-road or off-road, with the R 1300 GS BMW has once again improved the real all-rounder. However, the protection of the engine can be further optimized individually. With the Touratech Expedition engine protection, the heart of the machine is effectively protected, no matter where the journey takes you.

Professional protection for engine and exhaust manifolds.

The Touratech "Expedition" engine protection offers optimal protection for your motorcycle. Dirt or stones thrown up by the front wheel do not reach the engine and manifold. Unpleasant damage such as dents in the manifold or even holes in the engine block are effectively prevented by the Touratech engine guard.

The multiple folded recesses in the 4 mm thick aluminum base plate ensure maximum stability. On the other hand, the force of an impact is distributed over a large area thanks to the additional 3 mm stainless steel mounting plate on the engine. The ground clearance is not noticeably restricted.

The Touratech *Expedition* engine skid plate is one of the most robust on the market.


In addition, plastic rails on the lower part of the base plate ensure that the already recessed screw heads are completely covered. Almost incidentally, they also ensure that no dirt can get stuck. The engine protection can therefore be easily removed even after heavy off-road use.

Last but not least, the combination of a solid underside and glass fiber reinforced plastic rails makes it easier to "slip over" stones, rocks or tree stumps.

A product that meets the highest technical standards and is an absolute visual highlight!



- Made from 4mm thick aluminum reinforced with 3mm thick stainless steel

- best protection for engine and manifold

- Plastic rails make it easier to "slip over" stones, rocks or tree stumps

- ground clearance is almost unaffected

- designed for best distribution of impact forces

- easy to assemble

- complete mounting material included


All in all, the large Touratech engine guard for the BMW R 1300 GS is a product that meets the highest technical standards and is visually an absolute “highlight”!

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