Fairing crash bar for Touratech Engine crash bar for BMW R1300GS

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With the Touratech fairing crash bar, expensive fairing damage is a thing of the past. With this extension, especially the upper area of the fairing is protected, but also the sensitive radiator and even the tank are protected from major damage.

The three-part Touratech motorcycle crash bar fits as closely as possible to the R 1300 GS and takes up the innovative, sporty design of the BMW.

A new type of connection technology enables the extension to be mounted in a force-fitting manner on the engine crash bars.In the event of a fall, the forces that occur are effectively diverted and distributed in the best possible way. The fairing and ultimately the tank itself are safe. The impending end of the trip and expensive repairs are averted.

The plastic parts of your Boxer-GS do not come into contact with the ground. With the Touratech crash bar extension, scratches on the fairing parts that you would constantly be annoyed about do not even occur!


Made exclusively from robust, electropolished stainless steel, the extension is resistant to rust. Even deeper scratches lose their fear.

Despite the impressive diameter of the 25x2 mm stainless steel tubes, the extension is mounted as close as possible to and symmetrically to the vehicle axis. It has no influence on the lean angle or ground clearance. The crash bar extension fits harmoniously into the overall appearance of the 1300 and thus visually becomes part of the motorcycle.

In addition, the robust structure offers an ideal opportunity to "grab" the front of the motorcycle, for example to pull it out of the mud.

Combined with the Touratech engine crash bar, this extension offers an ideal complement in form and function! All-round protection that couldn't be better.


- large area protection of the fairing, including the radiator and tank
- made of high quality stainless steel, 25x2 mm, double blasted and electropolished
- the elegantly curved design skilfully takes up the design language of the R1300GS
- forces generated in the event of a fall or tipping over are absorbed and gently dissipated to designated places without causing major damage
-stable multi-point attachment thanks to high-strength clamping on the engine crash bar


The motorcycle crash bar is both a visual upgrade and an absolutely sensible investment to protect your BMW from expensive damage.

The ideal addition to the Touratech engine crash bar for the BMW R 1300 GS and a big plus for an individual appearance.

Please note: to fit original BMW additional headlights, you'll need to order the adapter kit 01-045-5200-0.

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