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Helly Bikereyes: eagle - smoke (self-tinting)

    Motorbike goggles | windproof | chopper
    Particularly ergonomic fit with padding
    Stone impact resistant due to plastic safety lenses
    HLT® quality lenses for distortion-free & precise vision
    UV400 protection filter for 100% UVA, UVB & UVC protection

THE ALL-ROUNDER: The Helly "eagle" with self-tinting lenses is a real all-rounder

The Helly No.1 Bikereyes "eagle" leaves nothing to be desired. Quickly changeable special lenses (available as accessories) as well as changeable temples & strap. Apart from the usual Helly safety standard, this style offers high performance technology. Strap and temples are interchangeable. The plastic lenses, which are anti-fog coated and bullet-proof on both sides, can be easily changed during a short stopover (optional). Behind each of the high-quality HLT® plastic lenses (polycarbonate) is a soft padding that ensures a comfortable fit and maximum wind protection. These Helly Bikereyes also come with a free microfibre case and the legally required product information. Of course, like all Helly No.1 Bikereyes, this multifunctional eyewear is stone impact resistant and meets or exceeds all legal requirements such as: UV filter 400 (for 100% UV protection), Din EN 166, ANSI Z.87, DIN EN ISO 12312-1 (formerly DIN EN 1836). The all-rounder glasses "eagle" are also available in your individual prescription! The prescription is made in the manufacturer's own grinding shop (HELBRECHT optics) and is of course: MADE IN GERMANY!

The top class: Self-tinting lenses (Transitions XTRActive)
This is revolutionary! These high-quality self-tinting or photochromic plastic lenses do not only react to sunlight (UV radiation), but also to the existing light conditions, i.e. to the existing ambient light!

The tint therefore also reacts
- behind a visor
- behind a windscreen (also in a car)
- indoors to bright light or daylight (behind a window pane!).

No conventional lens can do that! This lens technology combines several patented processes resulting from more than 20 years of research and innovation.

For maximum safety - on the road!
In addition, these Transitions XTRActive plastic lenses are a special production for the spectacle manufacturer (HELBRECHT optics) as safety lenses - especially for motorcyclists!
These plastic lenses are manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 166 "personal eye protection".
This increased protection level (break resistance of the lenses e.g. in case of falling rocks) is indispensable for motorcyclists, especially when riding with jet helmet, braincap or open visor.

These "intelligent" and high quality plastic lenses are directly integrated / ground into the goggles by the goggle manufacturer (HELBRECHT optics). Best quality: MADE IN GERMANY!

Helly - No.1 Bikereyes

Protection and Design - Made for Biker!

Helly's biker glasses, which have long since achieved cult status, originated in the MC scene. It's not just the design and ergonomics that make these glasses arguably the best biker glasses. It is above all the multitude of technical innovations, such as the high-quality HLT® plastic lenses that surround both eyes like a protective shield. All Helly Bikereyes even withstand a bullet test! The anti-fog coating on both sides and the UV400 filter ensure a clear view. Glasses marked with "RX" are also available with prescription - of course: MADE IN GERMANY.

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