GPS handlebar bracket above the instruments for Harley-Davidson RA1250 Pan America

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Successful rallye riders show us how it's done: they fit their instruments in the central field of vision. And what works for rallies is also a perfect solution for everyday use!

In order to position a GPS unit on the Harley-Davidson so that you can see it properly we have developed a sturdy stainless steel bracket adapter for all Touratech GPS handlebar brackets. You can thus position your GPS unit properly above the instruments of your Pan America.

This bracket adapter is incorporated into the front part of the Pan America. The bracket is wide enough for you to be able to position a GPS unit, for example, wherever you want.

Our "mounting adapter above instruments" lets you keep your GPS device or road book firmly in view. No more looking down or distractions to the side - your eyes are always pointed at the road.

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