Headlight protector with quick release fastener for BMW R1300GS *OFFROAD USE ONLY*


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The Touratech headlight protection for the BMW R 1300 GS prevents damage to the headlight very effectively!


The BMW R 1300 GS has a very striking headlight! The relatively small light lens offers less “hit area” than large headlights, but these also deserves adequate protection!

Even a stone kicked up by the bike driving in front can be enough to leave you permanently in the dark.

The effectiveness of the design, which has been proven 10,000 times, is confirmed by the experiences of our customers.


In addition, the headlight protection is equipped with a quick-release fastener. This allows the protective grille to be clipped on and off in seconds. A significant increase in comfort, whether for cleaning the headlight or switching to public roads. Only the holding elements remain firmly screwed and almost invisible on the motorcycle.


The black anodized surface of the robust aluminum guard reliably prevents reflections and effectively protects against glare.

And last but not least, the Touratech headlight protection also gives the BMW R 1300 GS a bit more of an adventure look!


Note: The headlight protection was developed for OFF-road use and is not permitted within the scope of the German StVO. Please check your national regulations!

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