HEX ezCan for Honda Generation II


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The ezCAN for Honda is a cost-effective and innovative solution that allows you to retrofit your Honda motorbike with electronic accessories in the simplest way and even configure them via PC software.

Possible retrofits:
- Additional lights
- Signal horn
- Rear and brake lights
- GPS devices
- Seat heating
- Battery charger
- Heated handlebars

Installation is done in just a few steps, as the various accessories are connected directly to the corresponding output modules of the ezCAN. Due to the inconspicuous plug & play integration into the motorbike, there is no need to interfere with the already installed electronics.

This way you get a motorbike according to your individual wishes as well as more safety while riding.

- One device for all accessories
- 100% reversible
- Water- and dustproof
- No loss of warranty from the motorbike manufacturer
- Easy configuration via PC software
- Plug & Play integration
- Colour coding of the modules
- Improved personal safety
- Increased riding enjoyment
- Cost-effective and user-friendly
- E-marking

Supported models
- CRF 1100 L Africa Twin (from 2020)

The PC-based ezCAN software allows you to manage and configure your electronic accessories according to your personal requirements.

First connect the ezCAN main module to your Windows or Mac PC via a micro-USB cable. Then, in the configuration programme, you can control the behaviour and intensity of the individual attachments using sliders. You can also set time-outs to avoid power failures.

In the "Extra Settings" submenu, you have the option of specifying your respective settings even further.

We would like to point out that the ezCAN software is an English-language system. However, due to its plausible structure, the programme is very easy and intuitive to use and thus understandable even to the inexperienced computer user.

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