Luggage rack XL instead of pillion seat for Yamaha Tenere 700 / World Raid

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Delivery time: 3-5 days

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Useful accessories for the solo rider.

Our luggage rack XL for the Tenere 700 allows, through numerous cut-out areas and strap loops, the simple and safe lashing and transport of almost any kind of luggage.

The luggage rack XL is simply mounted in place of the pillion seat. The forward-shifted position of the load has a positive effect on the riding dynamics and handling of the motorcycle. The system allows you to transport luggage without additional pannier racks, etc. This design ensures that the narrow silhouette of the Tenere is maintained despite the luggage. Due to the special shape of the rack you can even reach the original graps below the pillion seat without any obstacles.

Easy and uncomplicated to use - because the original pillion seat locking mechanism is retained, this solution enables ultra-quick changes between the pillion seat and luggage rack.

Made of 4mm thick, black anodized aluminum, the luggage rack XL is also visually a full replacement for the pillion seat.
The unsightly "hole" under the seat is thereby closed by a discreet aluminum plate, to which the robust stainless steel hooks are attached for secure fastening.

By attaching via the mechanism of the pillion seat, the luggage rack is secured to the vehicle with the ignition key.

Simply click and go. A product for all who want to be flexible!

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