Metal fuel can Touratech "Voyager" 2 litre


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The Touratech fuel can "Voyager" allows a significant increase in extra range.

The ultra-robust container made of stable sheet steel is certified according to strict military standards as well as UN approval for the transport of dangerous goods.
This ensures that the Voyager canister withstand extreme stress.

Another advantage of the ultra-robust design: the canister does not swell even in strong sunlight and therefore always fits perfectly into the holder.

Sealed with a high-quality passivated aluminum cap, the Voyager is leakproof – a fact that is as important from an environmental perspective as it is from a safety perspective.
Just as solid as the patented basic construction of this canister made in EU are its fuel-resistant and rust-proof inner coating and the high-quality powder coating on the outside.

And we don't want to forget one thing: With its heavy-duty look and bright yellow finish, the Touratech Voyager fuel can gives every adventure bike a robust expedition look.

The canister can be attached to the Touratech panniers with the bracket especially developed for the accessory system of the ZEGA Evo cases, both comfortable and with a good center of gravity. This means that two easily accessible liters of extra fuel come on board, which can be decisive in case of doubt.

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