Pannier rack special system EVO X for Yamaha Tenere 700 / World Raid

Delivery time: Delivery 3 - 5 days

Delivery time: 3-5 days

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Touratech's stainless steel EVO X pannier rack for the Yamaha Tenere 700 is a sturdy rack designed to take Touratech ZEGA EVO X cases. This is the perfect case system for extended touring.

Made of 18 mm stainless steel tubing, this non-rusting system matches the appearance of the T7 frame and guarantees extra high stability even off the beaten track.

A typical feature of the EVO X special system is the recess on the right-hand pannier that allows it to nestle snugly against the exhaust. The panniers are positioned closer to the bike‘s centreline, the overall width is reduced, and the system as a whole appears more balanced thanks to the symmetrical pannier lids.

The ZEGA Evo offers easy mounting with an absolutely secure hold - even in tough off-road conditions! It thus combines optimum ergonomics and absolute comfort without sacrificing reliability. Practical benefits and user-friendliness:

Panniers as part of the luggage system:
The ZEGA Evo, like all Touratech panniers before it, was not developed as an isolated product but was intended from the outset to be part of a luggage system. The outstanding practical benefits are the result of the unique combination of an elegant and indestructible pannier, an ingenious fastening mechanism and a terrain-immune rack made of 18 mm thick stainless steel tubes.

Pannier rack special system EVO X
- made of 18x2 mm stainless steel tube, additionally powder coated in black
- also suitable for tough off-road use
- no restrictions to pillion
- blends elegantly with the overall look of the Ténéré 700
- easy to fit and remove

Fitted as closely as possible to the vehicle frame using existing attachment points.
Just a few screws is all it takes for the very strong construction to be securely attached (or removed). The angle brackets remain unobtrusive on the motorbike.

Delivery schedule:

1 x pannier rack including mounting hardware

You need 1x pannier ZEGA Evo and 1x pannier ZEGA Evo X.

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