Protective pannier lid covering decal for BMW aluminium panniers for BMW R1250GS/ Adventure, R1200GS (LC)/ Adventure (LC), F900GS Adventure, F850GS Adventure


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The Touratech protective pannier lid covering is much more than an ordinary adhesive foil for your pannier lid! Why do you need it? Because the stresses and strains of everyday travel life have increased.

Due to its special "raindrop" surface, this precisely cut covering provides optimum grip as well as slip protection.
This means that your luggage is held on the lid even more securely, reducing strain on the lashings.

The protective pannier covering is well able to meet the toughest demands - when you use the pannier as a motorcycle assembly stand, for example.
The two millimetre thick rubber padding made of polyurethane is not only extremely resilient, it also allows scratches and even deep grooves in the pannier lid to simply disappear. Despite this, it is impossible for the protective film to become saturated with water.

Tip: The polyurethane anti-slip coating reduces the risk of getting a cold butt if you use the pannier as a seat!

The self-adhesive anti-slip mat can be applied to the lid of the pannier quickly and easily.

- High slip resistance
- High wear resistance
- Impact resistant
- Durable
- Precisely cut to size (2mm distance to each corner and edge of the pannier lid)

Thickness: 2 mm
Dimensions: 377 x 212 mm
Colour: black
Materials: Polyurethane

Dekra certified quality to VDI 2700, sheet 14
Slip resistance tested to DIN 51130
Friction value, also in wet conditions, µD > 0.60
Coefficient of friction µ = > 0.90

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