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Ready for the motorcycle adventure, the Touratech Sunglasses "i-stealth" fit almost any head shape, as well as all Touratech Aventuro helmets and almost every helmet on the market.

These German made sunglasses protect the eye from the sun's rays with its UV400 protection. They are 82-92% black tint and HLT quality.

HLT QUALITY LENSES: the double-sided anti-fog coated HLT plastic safety lenses (shatterproof and stone chip resistant) are manufactured according to DIN EN 166. These high quality coated lenses offer distortion-free & precise vision for unclouded driving fun. The tested HLT lenses have a UV400 protection filter (100% UV protection). This exceptional biker glasses offers its new owner a particularly large field of vision for unrestricted driving pleasure.

In addition, these glasses feature high-performance impact resistance and excellent anti-fogging technology.

These sunglasses come with a microfiber pouch so you can clean and store them without damaging them.

Lens characteristics : UV400 protection filter, DIN- & ANSI standard, Double side anti-fog coating, Shatter-proof lenses

- Biker glasses, motorbike glasses, sunglasses
- Particularly ergonomic fit
- Stone impact resistant due to plastic safety lenses
- HLT® quality lenses for distortion-free & precise vision

- Made in Germany

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