Touratech lower suspension adjustment(-25mm) for Honda CRF1100L Adventure Sports (without EERA) from 2020 type Extreme

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This shock is perfect for reducing the seat height (-25mm) on the Honda CRF1100L Adventure Sports. At the same time your Honda CRF 1000L Adventure Sports remains cleanly tuned and very suitable for touring. This shock absorber is perfectly developed for touring and driving with frequently and strongly changing loading and driving conditions or the most extreme requirements. Thus, the Extreme shock absorber has the PDS installed, a hydraulic puncture protection through the use of a second shock absorber piston. Even in the most extreme road conditions with full luggage there is no puncture, a mechanical overload of the shock absorber is prevented. Damping is travel-dependent. During the majority of the ride, the shock absorber is comfortably and forcefully adjusted before the PDS intervenes in the final part of the shock stroke.

Important points in brief:

- The shock absorber is configured based on our experience for the Honda CRF1100L Adventure Sports and adjusted ready to ride.

- Parameters are: Vehicle weight / linkage of the shock / structural conditions / test rides.

- The suspension strut mentioned here is designed for a rider weight up to 100kg including luggage.

- For all suspension solutions, the rear and front of the motorcycle should be adjusted.

- IMPORTANT: We strongly advise against pushing through the fork bars at the fork clamp.

This will have a very detrimental effect on the handling of the motorcycle.


For the safe stand of your Honda CRF1100L Adventure Sports. after lowering, we recommend shortening the side stand.

The basic setup installed here is tuned for riders up to 100 kg plus luggage. Adjustments for much higher payloads or other unusual requirements are possible. The suspension strut will then be individually adapted to your needs by us.

Please use our suspension check sheet for this and send us the completed form.

Scope of delivery:

- Ready-to-install shock absorber -25mm.

- ABE documents

- Assembly instructions / user manual

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