Touratech Suspension Touratech Suspension lowering Cartridge Kit -20mm for Triumph Tiger 900 Rallye Pro from 2020


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This Cartridge Kit is perfect for reducing the seat height (-20mm) on the Triumph Tiger 900 Rallye Pro. Putting it simply, the Touratech Suspension Cartridge Kit Extreme is a suspension strut for the fork and the absolute top end in terms of suspension technology. The Closed Cartridge is installed into the original fork. This way the fork bridge/handlebar mount, brakes and wheel control and handlebar geometry are retained in full.  No additional modifications to the fork are required This Closed Cartridge  is been developed perfectly for touring and riding with frequent and strongly differing loads and riding conditions or extreme requirements.


Facts at a glance:

- This shock absorber is configured and adjusted ready for use based on our experience with the Triumph Tiger 900 Rallye Pro for -20mm less ground clearance

- With this suspension solution, the rear and front area of the motorcycle must be modified together.

- If only one component is changed, optimal handling will not be achieved.


The basic setup is adjusted for the demanding adventure rider with luggage.

Adaptation for exceptional requirements is possible. The suspension strut is then customised by us to your requirements using a spring with a suitable spring rate and other configurations.


Scope of delivery:

- 2x Closed Cartridge -20mm

- with damper setting, (1x) rebound stage, (1x) compression stage.

- with spring preloading via adjustment tool (2x)

- adjustment tool

- ready for installation and ready-to-ride, fitted with pre-mounted fork spring.

- 1 litre oil (for installation of fork)

- user manual and instructions for installation

- 2x Fork protection sticker.


Important note:

With this suspension solution, the rear and front area of the motorcycle must be adapted together. The side stand and / or main stand must be adapted to ensure that your Triumph Tiger 900 Rallye Pro stands securely.


If you have any further questions, we will be happy to advise you. Contact us.

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