Touratech windshield stabilizer for Harley-Davidson RA1250 Pan America


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The Pan America is fun. The windshield, unfortunately, not that much.

The original mount of the windscreen does not match to the high demands of the Harley. Even an rough road causes unpleasant wobbling, vibrating and rattling of the shield. This not only distracts from driving, it can also damage the construction and stability of the mount in long term.

The Touratech windshield stabilizer solves the problems of the original mount!

The clever design effectively supports the critical, highly stressed upper junction of the windshield while maintaining the stepless adjustability without restriction.

The stabilizer is operated via a solid quick release lever with one-hand operation. Simple thumbscrews have unfortunately proven not to lock reliably in our tests.

The highlight on top: on the Touratech windshield stabilizer GPS devices / smartphone holders
can be mounted!

The almost 20 cm wide 12mm stainless steel brace offers enough space for individual positioning wishes. So your GPS device finds an optimal place above the instruments of your Harley-Davidson Pan America.

Usable both with original windshield, as well as with most accessory windscreens.

Quality Made in Germany.
Made of stainless steel.

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