Fairing and windscreen

Aerodynamics is a key comfort factor on a motorbike. For this reason, Touratech offers various solutions for optimising the motorbike fairing. These include model-specific windscreens in various heights as well as spoilers.

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    WalzWerk® Fuel cap for BMW R18
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Customised motorbike windscreens

Touratech has model-specific windscreens in its range for numerous touring enduros. The windscreens made of shatterproof plastic fit perfectly to the motorbike fairing and noticeably improve aerodynamics. Depending on how much weather protection is required and the intended use, the windscreens are available in different heights.

Motorbike windscreens Made in Germany

All windscreens in our range are manufactured according to strict Touratech specifications by a partner company in Germany. The acrylic glass used offers high optical quality and is UV-resistant. The TÜV-certified shatter resistance is an important safety feature. Touratech windscreens have a general operating licence ABE and can therefore be used without registration.

Clever spoilers for the windscreen

Whether to improve the aerodynamics of the original windscreen or in conjunction with a Touratech Wind Screen - our spoilers for the windscreen provide additional wind protection and reduce turbulence.

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