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Motorbike seat benches from Touratech offer unrivalled long-distance comfort. The high-quality foam core, ergonomic design, intelligent workmanship and high-tech cover materials all contribute to this.

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Made in Germany is the motto for Touratech's comfort seats. The seats are manufactured in Upper Bavaria from the seat pan to the foam core to the final assembly.

Quality is something that one neds to experience: That's why you can test our benches for 30 days after purchase. More about the production of Touratech benches in the Magazine: How Touratech seats are made

Ergonomic shape of the seat

The legendary comfort is first and foremost due to the seat core, which is made from customised foam mixtures for each model. The foam core has an ergonomic shape that relieves pressure on the coccyx thanks to its hollow groove. The seat cover is sewn in such a way that seams only occur in places where there is no pressure.

Various seat covers

Touratech offers seat covers in various designs. The standard is the "Fresh Touch" cover, which guarantees particularly low heat build-up. The breathable DriRide seat cover ensures maximum ventilation.

Low benches and extra-high versions

Touratech seats are available in two parts and as a one-piece sports seat bench. Lower seats are also available to lower the seat height as well as more heavily padded seats for particularly tall riders.

The factory fitted seats can be easily replaced with the ergonomic motorbike seats from Touratech via "Plug & Play".

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