Windscreen Adjustment Pro for Yamaha Tenere 700 / World Raid


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The Touratech Windscreen Adjustment Pro offers significantly improved weather protection and customisable aerodynamics on board the Yamaha Ténéré 700. This product is easy to install and allows you to conveniently adjust your windscreen height to any one of seven positions with one hand.

The Touratech Windscreen Adjustment Pro enables you to realise the maximum of weather protection on board your T7 and still reacts flexibly to the requirements presented by different riding conditions - the greatest possible amount of fresh air in demanding off-road terrain and the best possible wind protection on fast connecting stages.

The adjustment adapter is screwed to the original screen fixing and carries the windscreen. Made from a high-quality, black anodised, aluminium alloy, this component with its technical look harmonises perfectly with the rally look of the Ténéré cockpit. The Adjustment Pro is not solely designed for standard screens, it also works with all accessory screens that use the original fixing.

In its lowest position, the windscreen is 12 millimetres higher than standard. The height can be varied to provide an additional 60 millimetres over a total of seven positions.
While the lowest position is perfect for off-road riding, where you need a view of the front wheel, the higher positions allow you to optimise wind protection. The individual adjustment options also allow you to adapt airflow behaviour to your speed of travel, to your own stature and to the aerodynamic characteristics of the helmet you wear.

The windscreen position is very simple to adjust. Without tools, within fractions of a second and with only one hand. Special springs together with the precisely crafted mechanism guarantee secure locking in each of the seven positions.
The steering lock remains unaffected and, using either the original bracket or Touratech brackets, navigation devices can be attached without restriction.
The Touratech Windscreen Adjustment Pro for the Yamaha T7 is easy to install and requires no registration.

-    Convenient operation with one hand
-    60 millimetre adjustment range
-    Simple installation

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