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The Touratech gloves "MX-Ride" are lightweight motocross gloves. These gloves were developed to provide offroad riders with maximum comfort and control.

The MX-Ride is lightweight and thin, appropriate to its use at medium and high temperatures in difficult terrain, and yet offers solid protection. The terry upper surface of the thump is perfectly made to clean the goggles.

The palm is made of abrasion-resistant and very tactile synthetic leather. A single pattern piece is used here to avoid any weak points due to seams. A silicone imprint on the palm and the fingertips provides perfect grip on handlebar and levers.

A neoprene cuff allows perfect fitting to the wrist through its comfortable elasticity. A velcro closure provides secure closing. A double layer of material protects the pressure-exposed parts of the thumb against blisters.
A double layer of material also prevents annoying seams at the fingertips. Additional ventilation holes permit good heat dissipation in conjunction with the airy upper material.

Touratech gloves "MX-Ride"
- Terry upper surface of the thump to clean the goggles.
- Lightweight, thin and well ventilated
- Palm made of synthetic leather
- Outer made of tear-proof fabric
- Neoprene cuffs
- Doubled material at thumb
- Overturned material at index and middle finger
- Expanded material for better fit at finger joints
- Ventilation holes for fingers on palm
- Velcro strap for adaptation to wrist size
- Silicone imprint on palm and finger tips

Material: 50% polyester, 40% synthetic leather, 4% neoprene, 3% silicone, 3% rubber

Instructions for washing and care of leather gloves:
Wash the gloves by hand using a special cleaning agent for leather. Do not use fabric conditioners or bleach. Do not dry clean. After washing, rinse the gloves thoroughly with clear water. Wrap the gloves in a dry cloth and compress slightly. Do not wring out or knead. Leave gloves to air dry. Do not dry under the sun, on a heater or in a dryer. Put on moist gloves and make a fist to reshape the gloves. Use leather care products if required. Keep the gloves in a well ventilated space.

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