Touratech Parts for the Ténéré 700 World Raid

Touratech Parts for the Ténéré 700 World Raid

Upgrades for the desert ship

The carefully compiled range of accessories from Touratech makes the Yamaha Ténéré 700 World Raid the perfect companion for extended offroad trips.

23 litres of tank capacity, steering damper, offroad ABS – with the „World Raid“ version, Yamaha has tailored the popular Ténéré 700 Adventure Bike precisely to the needs of offroad, long-distance travellers. All that‘s missing is a package with high-quality Touratech components, and your adventure trip can begin.

Model-specific aluminium pannier systems

Before hitting the road, a robust, long-distance motorcycle naturally needs a trail-proof pannier system. Touratech provides two options here with numerous variations. Both are based on a model-specific rack made of 18x2 stainless steel tubing.

In the standard system, the rack is optionally equipped with the ultra-rugged cases from the ZEGA Mundo, ZEGA Pro or ZEGA Evo series. A narrower pannier on the exhaust side is combined with a larger one on the opposite side, preserving the symmetry of the rear view.

The special Evo X system is even more elegant: here, the rack and panniers fit snuggly around the rear silencer on the right-hand side of the vehicle. This not only guarantees extra storage space but – with the panniers, equal in width, nestling very closely to the rear – is also pleasing to the eye.

The perfect complement to the aluminium pannier system is the ZEGA Pro or Evo top case, for which there is of course a stainless steel rack precisely designed for the World Raid.

Soft luggage as an alternative

Adventure riders who prefer a soft luggage system will of course also find what they are looking for at Touratech. The Discovery system is also available for the World Raid with two times 25 litres of waterproof storage space plus additional pockets. And for a really tough tour, there are saddle bags from the EXTREME Edition by Touratech Waterproof.

Waterproof rack packs in various sizes, which are securely lashed to the XL luggage plate, are the perfect complement.


If the worst comes to the worst, the Touratech protectors protect the World Raid from damage. Suitable protectors are available for the brake cylinder, water pump and ABS sensor. The headlight is protected either by a transparent protector made of Makrolon or a robust protective grille made of stainless steel – both are of course removable for onroad use. For the sensitive handlebar fittings, there are the indestructible Defensa hand protectors made of aerospace aluminium, which offer additional comfort with an optional wind deflector.


The Pro windscreen adjustment provides perfect wind protection for riders of all statures and in all areas of use. This allows the original windscreen of the Ténéré to be easily locked in seven positions.

The combination of handlebar risers and extra-wide, long-distance foot pegs is perfect for riding in a standing position. The foldable levers for brake and clutch, which can be adjusted with regard to grip width and length, allow for individual customisation.

Robust recovery handles should be fitted in case the vehicle ever tips over. By the way: in normal use, the stainless steel brackets provide the pillion rider with a hand-hold for added support.


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