Edelweiss and Touratech – a special partnership

Edelweiss and Touratech – a special partnership

Perfectly complemented

For more than 12 years, cooperative action on various levels has linked the two companies Edelweiss Bike Travel and Touratech – two heavyweights when it comes to authentic adventures with motorcycles.

Highest quality standards, long-lasting customer relationships and the awareness of their own responsibility as part of the worldwide motorcycle travel community: these are the conceptual interfaces between Edelweiss Bike Travel and Touratech.

Edelweiss relies on Touratech equipment

On this basis, there has been intensive cooperation between the two companies for more than a decade. At the beginning of this fruitful collaboration, the Edelweiss fleet was equipped with Touratech motorcycle accessories. In this win-win situation, tour operator, Edelweiss, can offer its discerning customers vehicles with the highest level of equipment, while Touratech receives valuable feedback from hundreds of thousands of kilometres, through which to improve its products.

Dedicated to the adventure community

Being deeply rooted in the adventure community, it is a matter of course for both Edelweiss and Touratech to make their contribution to the scene. In 2016, Touratech launched the Adventure Country Tracks (ACT) project. Even after being transformed into an association – the Adventure Country Tracks e.V. – Touratech and Edelweiss, in cooperation with many other partners, are the most prominent supporters when it comes to opening up legal unpaved travel routes for adventure riders in Europe. As the owner and managing director of Edelweiss Bike Travel, this project, with its focus on sustainable and mindful travel, is right up Tobias Wachter‘s street. Whenever his tight schedule allows, this excellent adventure rider joins in with scouting new routes.

A.R.T.T. – new standards for touring and training

Cooperation between Edelweiss and Touratech has taken on a whole new dimen sion in the A.R.T.T. project – short for Adventure Rider Tour and Training. With this qualification programme, the two companies set internationally binding standards for organised motorcycle tours and adventure bike training in the premium segment. Experienced Edelweiss employees from different areas of the company provide trainers and instructors with comprehensive expertise that enables graduates of the A.R.T.T. programme to provide inspiring motorcycle riding experience themselves.

Edelweiss and Touratech: the perfect match

The ideas for joint projects are far from exhausted. „Together we will build A.R.T.T. into a global network for high quality motorcycle riding experience. Under the umbrella of A.R.T.T. we will create infrastructures and standards, which are subject to defined quality requirements, to provide safe adventures,“ Edelweiss boss Tobias Wachter explains.

Martin Wickert, Touratech CMO, adds: „Touratech and Edelweiss are a perfect match. Working with Tobias Wachter and his professional team is great fun – plus, we share a similar mindset when we‘re on the road with our bikes.“


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