Look around the globe: Hitting Scandinavia

Look around the globe: Hitting Scandinavia

That area of the world, because there was no occasion before, we wanted to explore at the end, when retired or not having enough strength to ride a bike. That would be a huge mistake! Man! We are now regretting we reach that place, especially that it is so close from us and has so much to offer!
Now with two bikes, having enough space and some more experience comparing to the Czech trip and last one in Romania – we prepared ourselves in about few days with everything. For now planning to explore 8 countries – Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Faroe Islands and Iceland. Then we will see how the road will lead us in Europe coming back to Poland. At least no plan is a good plan as always.

Taking the North-East road heading Lithuania, we hit the biggest and heaviest rain you can imagine - in Masuria area in Poland. They said it can be rainy riding north, but never ever expected we will be totally wet in Poland just starting the trip. Spending some time with friends and a night on the boat in Giżycko, was time to start riding after the heaviest rain.

As the main goal was to reach Nordkapp, the most northern symbolic point on one of the Norwegian islands. Transit through first three countries was planned as usual – we will ride from the morning till the dark. However the night was coming later and later. We stopped few times in Lithuania, to catch the center of the country and eat some delights from that country. All way ling we were meeting very friendly people.
Then passed to Latvia and Estonia where the speed limits and places where they put cameras to measures speed limits broke our bones. We knew that in these countries we need to be careful about it, but why building two cameras on a curve where there is a forest around and almost no cars? Maximum speed was 80 km/h and we were almost sleeping. One is for sure, cars there can’t even overtake the motorcycle – we were worried when they were doing it so slowly. Jumping a short part of highway with the limit of 110 km/h the feeling you are riding with the light velocity – unbelievable and unforgettable one!

Making slowly some kilometers in Estonia the bike reached another level – his 210 000 km on its clock. That is not maybe the characteristic goal, but having in mind that the last one – the 200 000 km we reached in Oman and then for a one year the bike stayed there and hasn’t been used – we celebrated it a lot!

Was time to take a ferry. The firs one - the easiest way is to jump into Finland from Tallin to Helsinki. In about two hours, without any bigger issues we put our feet and “bike’s tires” on Fin land. First exploring a bit a small part of the capital – we escaped from the city into suburbs.

In Finland the sound and smell of forest was totally amazing - the nature around, wildlife and gorgeous camping spots or camping grounds with stylish typical cottages with fire spots let us to enjoy it a lot.
Finland has the climate. The natural one. You ride straight passing water, rivers, pans, lakes and swamps. You need to ride carefully, because reindeers are everywhere and they are just crossing the road and staying from the back totally invisible. These animals rock. We haven’t seen any muse, but hundreds of reindeers of different colors. They led us to the Arctic Cirlce. That area is called Napapiiri, Lapland, where the Santa is living.

We have never ever thought that he can be a bikes enthusiast but talking for a while when he realized we didn’t reach him on North Pole last time in Alaska (he went to sleep then in the afternoon) and we are traveling a lot around the world – he decided to get out of the Santa’s house by a back door and check our bikes. We laughed that maybe in XXI century it’s time to change his trusty, used, old team of reindeers into something with horsepower… Or maybe better not – he will enjoy it too much and forget to deliver our presents, haha. But, the thing what we did for all of you reading – w managed a chance to get some nice presents for Christmas this year! We schmoozed with him, did the trick, you know, like bike's friends!

We started riding about mid of the day planning, analogically as it was in Alaska, to reach the last, famous point at night. During summer when nights are bright, even after midnight everything looks amazing. When the Sun can't let you feel tired - you can ride and ride!
Passing the border on the last moment was opened to Norway showed us the night is close. Another hour we got after changing the time back into the UTC+1 again. And the more we could experience on the way by have one hour gratis!

In that part of the world you never can trust the weather forecast. It was said will be perfect, but until you are not exactly in that point - you can't be sure. We were riding, passing all these wonderful tundra, with the fog over water, just straight narrow roads going up and down. Sometimes with the reindeers coming just straight into our motorcycles, sometimes without anybody for many, many kilometers. Just you and your road. The sun was getting down a bit, started to be grey around but still the visibility let us to ride. Passing all these small villages by the coast, smelling fishes being dried on special hangs. We stopped few times to make our bodies straight and take few pictures with the day and night on the sky. The sun was shining but clouds covered the bottom side of the sky, we couldn’t see the horizon then. The border was the sun. From the upper side the dark clouds came. Was unbelievable - half, half, like the nature couldn’t decide if it prefers the day or night. No wind, no rain, no fog. Everything as we were dreaming about!

After midnight we stopped for a coffee. Also your body feels something is wrong and you start to be hungry. All without being tired.
Was 1 am when passed the tunnel going in water more than 212 m under the sea level. The goal was closer and closer - after 2 a.m. we did it. We eeached the characteristic globe statue on the island, very very North.
All bikers there feel the same. We met 3 of them the same time.
After visiting Deadhorse in Alaska in 2017, we did it with two bikes now on our European continent.
Was it hard? No! So easy and so nice to. The weather don't bother us at all. Recommended to feel that to everybody.

After 4 am when we thought the sun came up totally, we found a place to pitch a tent avoiding wind somewhere behind the hill, just next to water and some reindeers around. You won’t believe, but in about 20 minutes just before we closed eyes... rain drops started to hit the tent! Yes, that was rain. Up to the morning.
Yes! That is the Nordkapp style!


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