Touratech Connect: Next Generation

Touratech Connect: Next Generation
The latest version of the Touratech Connect smartphone app offers a veritable plethora of new functions. Its use as a real-time display is complemented by extensive analysis, export and sharing features. In addition, the application is now available for numerous other motorcycle models.

The basic idea behind the Touratech Connect app is to turn your smartphone into a multifunctional real-time display for your motorcycle cockpit. This application, which is available for iOS and Android operating systems, gathers the data directly from the machine's CAN bus via a dongle and enables the visualisation of an incredible wealth of information. The display can be freely configured so that users are shown precisely the values they need.

The track of a route travelled can be displayed on a map (l.). Along the track, random points can be located for which vehicle data is displayed (m.). Data can be shared, exported or deleted (r.).

Fine tuning and new features

Firstly, existing functions In the latest version of Touratech Connect have been further improved. It is now possible to not only display maximum lean angles comprehensively, but to also differentiate between left-hand and right-hand curves. Certainly a useful feature for fine-tuning your own riding technique.

Secondly, the app has received a lot of additional functions. Particularly interesting is the route tracking function, which goes far beyond recording the distance travelled. Tracking starts with every activation of the app. The high-resolution track can be displayed on a map and – here comes the highlight – the recorded parameters can be visualised for each point. By linking vehicle and geodata in this way, the performance of bike and rider can be precisely assigned to specific riding situations on the track.

Points along the route can also be accessed using a slider that corresponds to the timeline of the journey. The GPS module of the smartphone is used for tracking, which also records the altitude. The function can be deactivated at any time.

Sharing with the Community

Another new feature is the ability to share data. The user selects a specific data type, for example the switching profile on a specified track, and can share the corresponding graph along with a map representation of the associated track. This is done via either email, Facebook or Instagram. The format of the screenshot can be adjusted depending on the selected social network it is to be posted in.

Even more practical relevance

In response to a frequently expressed request from the beta testers, the Touratech programmers have created the "Remember PIN" function so that the user no longer has to re­enter their code after every app start.

Another practical new feature is the ability to export the app data. This means that all determined values are also immediately available on a new smartphone. Numerous other detailed improvements in data collection and presentation, such as the possibility of labelling data fields, round off this huge range of functions.

Last but not least, Touratech Connect is now available for even more motorcycle models. This means that the app now works with all BMW boxer models from model year 2015 onwards. Existing customers will simply receive the new functions via an update.

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