Touratech KTM 890 Adventure engine guard

Touratech KTM 890 Adventure engine guard

Innovative, three-part concept

In the design of the KTM 890 Adventure engine guard, Touratech relies on the synthesis of two different concepts: An ultra-rugged, folded skid plate is complemented by hydroformed aluminium lateral protectors.

The KTM 890 Adventure is currently one of the sportiest adventure bikes on the market. A twin that is even more powerful than its predecessor model with adventure-oriented characteristics, low weight, as well as fully adjustable suspension elements with long working travel, form the basis of this well thought-through concept. Especially the „R“ model variant of the 890 Adventure is just begging to be ridden in sporty style through demanding terrain. Touratech has developed a high-quality range of protectors to ensure that off-road use does not result in any injuries.

The heart piece is the Rally Evo engine guard. Touratech has adapted this engine guard, which was completely redesigned for the previous model, to the current KTM 890 Adventure. For the first time, a three-part construction, consisting of a base plate and two lateral tank protectors, has been used for this protector, which is as robust as it is stylish.

Clever synthesis of two concepts

The base plate, also called skid plate in off-road sports, is made of a high-strength aluminium alloy. For its production, Touratech relies on folding technology, proven in tens of thousands of engine guards, which gives the workpiece additional strength due to its bend-resistant edges. All welding is done by robots to ensure the highest precision.

The lateral tank protectors, on the other hand, are manufactured using the hydroforming process. This technology, in which the aluminium sheet is formed in a tool, using extreme water pressure, enables a complex three-dimensional design allowing the aluminium parts to fit closely to the tank and at the same time have an attractive appearance.

All-round protection and maximum compatibility

The „Rally Evo“ engine guard for the KTM 890 effectively offers 360-degree protection for this two-cylinder. The extra-long skid plate provides full protection from

the manifolds at the front of the engine to the catalytic converter. A stainless steel reinforcement in the rear part provides additional lateral support. Even severe impacts on rock edges and heavy stones are parried by the „Rally Evo“ without complaint.

The tank protectors, which are pulled far up at the sides, reliably cover not only the fuel tank itself, but also the fuel pump and fuel taps.

The frontal intake opening has been retained for effective engine cooling, but can be covered with optionally available grilles to protect against stone chips if required.

Neither ground clearance nor operability of the foot levers are restricted, thanks to the „Rally Evo‘s“ close-to-the-vehicle lines, and combination with Touratech crash bars is also possible.

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