Touratech soft luggage for the BMW R 1300 GS

Touratech soft luggage for the BMW R 1300 GS

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Everyday use, short trips, travelling on holiday - Touratech offers an extensive range of soft luggage for the R 1300 GS. Several product series cover the requirements of a wide range of usage scenarios.

The tank bag is one of the oldest pieces of luggage on a motorbike. Due to its construction - formerly leather, later textile - it is also the ancestor of all modern soft luggage systems. Today, in addition to tank bags, these include bags and pouches for mounting in various places on the motorbike, luggage rolls, side bags and complete systems that make a rigid luggage system obsolete.

Touratech offers products from various soft luggage lines for the BMW R 1300 GS, so that a wide range of applications are covered.

The Touratech soft luggage series

  Touring Endurance Travel Extreme
Application profile onroad offroad/onroad offroad/onroad offroad
Character classic puristic functional rugged
Impermeability water-repellent waterproof waterproof waterproof
Type of construction stitched synthetic sealed stitched / synthetic sealed synthetic sealed

Three customised tank bag models are available for the BMW R 1300 GS. All three tank bags have the tried-and-tested Touratech fastening system with a combination of straps at the front and Velcro on the side facing the rider. This ensures a secure hold as well as easy access to the petrol cap.

The Travel tank bag has a volume of 9 litres. The typical Molle patches are used to attach additional items. The hard-shell lid gives the waterproof product a particularly high level of stability and offers protection for the contents.

If the tour is to take you through demanding off-road sections more often, we recommend the tank bag from the Extreme Edition range. Its rugged material and ultra-robust zips can withstand the stresses and strains of expeditions. This top-class tank bag provides approx. 10 litres of well-protected storage volume.

The product marks the entry into the world of Touratech tank bags for the R 1300 GS is the Touring tank bag. With its clean look, the tank bag can hold 9 litres of luggage - 14 litres when extended. Otherwise, it offers all the features of the tried and tested Touring for the R 1250 GS.

For additional luggage, there are crash bar bags from the Touring range that fit perfectly on the Touratech fairing crash bars for the R 1300 GS. Customers who own a BMW Vario top case can create additional, easily accessible storage capacity with the convenient Touring lid bag. The Touring bag for the Touratech top case rack is particularly clever as it utilises the space under the top case and is easily accessible from the side of the seat.

As an interesting alternative to a rigid pannier system, Touratech offers side bags that can be attached to the Touratech pannier rack. Waterproof side bags are available from the Extreme Edition, Travel and Endurance lines. All three bags are mounted using a docking panel and practical quick-release fastener.

Customers who have configured their GS with the small, sporty carrier that is part of the Trophy's equipment will find the Discovery2 soft luggage system an interesting solution that completely dispenses with a pannier rack. 2 x 25 litres of luggage are stowed waterproof in the optional yellow or black pockets. A further 2 x 7.5 litres can be stored in the integrated pockets with roll closure. The generous provision with Molle patches offers attachment options for additional equipment.

As a practical and elegant addition, Touratech offers customised inner bags for the BMW Vario luggage system, which not only offer optimum utilisation of the storage capacity, but also allow the contents of the case to be transported comfortably when the pannier remains on the motorbike.

Numerous other handlebar bags, seat bags or rack packs from the various product ranges complete the extensive range of Touratech soft luggage for the BMW R 1300 GS.


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