Touratech soft luggage series “Travel”

Touratech soft luggage series “Travel”

Universal luggage system

Touratech has implemented a new design concept for the first time with the waterproof Travel luggage range. Designed as soft luggage, the products have an additional hard-shell lid that makes them even more robust.

The new Travel soft luggage range combines practical functionality with a distinctive design. The bags are welded waterproof and the particularly robust material guarantees long durability. The highlight of this new luggage system is the hardshell lid, which gives the bags additional robustness. There is also a Molle system on the lid to which additional utensils can be attached. Reflective lettering and reflective sections behind the side Molle patches provide passive safety and a distinctive look.

Side bag Travel

The Travel side bag has an ingeniously simple fastening system. A docking panel is an integral part of the bag according to the sandwich principle. It forms a stable back panel and ensures that the bag is firmly and comfortably locked to the carrier.

The fastener is locked with a flick of the wrist when the bag is attached to the carrier and can be unlocked just as easily. In between, it fixes the docking panel - and thus the side bag - to the carrier without play and bombproof. An optional lock set is available to lock the fastener.

Tank bag Travel and tank bag Travel MIDI

These tank bags combine the advantages of the new Travel series with the Touratech fastening system that has been tried and tested thousands of times. The combination of straps with click fasteners and Velcro allows the tank bag to be fastened securely and removed quickly and easily. 

The large Travel tank bag is specially designed for the BMW models R 1250 GS and R 1200 GS (LC) as well as a separate version for the new R 1300 GS; specific versions are also available for the respective Adventure models and the F 850 GS / F 750 GS / F 850 GS Adventure.

The Travel MIDI tank bag is slightly shorter and fits universally, but especially on all current mid-range adventure bikes with a compact tank, such as the XL750 Transalp, Ténéré 700 or KTM 890 Adventure.

Rear bag / pillion bag Travel

Luggage can be stowed in the rear bag / pillion bag Travel, which is easily accessible. If you are travelling with a passenger, you can attach the bag to the luggage carrier; if you are travelling solo, you can strap it closer to the centre of gravity on the pillion seat.

Travel handlebar bag

Useful little things that you want to have at hand quickly, a smartphone or chocolate bar find their place in the practical Travel handlebar bag, which is fastened as simply as it is securely with three Velcro straps.

The waterproof Travel soft luggage system fits universally on almost every motorbike and is recommended for extended trips as well as short trips. The high-quality luggage is manufactured in the EU.

  1.  Tank bag "Travel" for BMW R1300GS
    Tank bag "Travel" for BMW R1300GS
  2. Tank bag "Travel" for BMW R1250GS/ R1250GS Adv/ R1200GS (LC)/ R1200GS Adv (LC)/ F850GS / F750GS/ F850GS Adv
    Tank bag "Travel" for BMW R1250GS/ R1250GS Adv/ R1200GS (LC)/ R1200GS Adv (LC)/ F850GS / F750GS/ F850GS Adv
  3. Tank bag "Travel" MIDI
    Tank bag "Travel" MIDI
  4. Tail bag "Travel"
    Tail bag "Travel"
  5. Handlebar bag Travel
    Handlebar bag Travel
  6. Soft pannier Travel
    Soft pannier Travel
  7. Soft pannier Travel set of 2
    Soft pannier Travel set of 2
  8. Integral locks set of 2 for Touratech softpanniers with ZEGA Docking panel
    Integral locks set of 2 for Touratech softpanniers with ZEGA Docking panel


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