Touratech soft luggage system Discovery2

Touratech soft luggage system Discovery2

Numerous improvements in detail

Even more rugged and even more features for practical use - the extensively revised Discovery2 soft luggage system boasts numerous improvements. The system is universally compatible with almost all adventure bikes and offers 50 litres of waterproof storage capacity as well as plenty of space for additional equipment.

With the Discovery soft luggage system, Touratech has struck a chord with many adventure riders. Solo travellers in particular are enthusiastic about the ingenious system. Now Touratech presents the follow-up system Discovery2, which retains the core virtues of its predecessor, but offers even more practical benefits thanks to numerous clever improvements to details.

Intelligent upgrades in detail

The optimised construction of the Discovery2 makes it even more robust. The new buckles combine maximum strength with optimum handling. Packing is greatly simplified by the newly added valves in the waterproof bags. These allow the air to be pressed out easily to optimise the volume. The additional Molle patches are extremely convenient for flexibly fastening additional equipment to the Discovery2.

Universal fit for numerous motorcycle models

Despite all the innovation, the Touratech developers have taken great care to ensure that the Discovery2 retains the tried and tested features of its predecessor. This means that the soft luggage system can be securely attached to almost any adventure bike without a carrier using just four straps. To do this, the system is placed over the pillion seat and lashed to existing attachment points on the frame and rear frame so that it is secure on the piste. This is where the modified buckles really come into their own. The pre-shaped design of the luggage system ensures that the rear bags fit snugly against the vehicle. The use of a separately available heat protection plate is recommended for high-mounted exhaust systems.

50 plus 15 litres storage capacity

The basic construction consists of a robust nylon fabric. This accommodates a slide-in bag on each side, which is securely fastened with a strap. This provides 25 litres of waterproof storage capacity per side. The slide-in bags are made from the tried and tested Touratech Waterproof material. The new valves allow the air to be pressed out easily after packing.

The two rear pockets offer additional volume of 7.5 litres each and are sealed dust-tight with a roll closure. There is space here for first aid kits, oil bottles, the rain suit or other equipment that you want to access quickly.

Secure fastening of additional luggage

Bulky items of luggage such as a rack pack, tent or sleeping mat can be securely lashed down with straps on the robust rows of straps in the centre section of the system. Additional Molle patches on the Discovery2 provide even more flexibility. Two large flaps with quick-release fasteners enclose the load and ensure a flutter-free fit. Two mesh pockets on the inside of the flaps can hold maps, a safety waistcoat or other useful small items. The integrated luggage straps are neatly secured with Velcro loops when not in use.

At a glance: Touratech soft luggage system Discovery2

  • NEW: Additional Molle patches
  • NEW: Revised buckles
  • NEW: Even more robust
  • NEW: Valves for pressing out the air
  • Universal fit
  • Simple mounting without rack 
  • approx. 50 litres waterproof luggage volume
  • Additional approx. 15 litres of dustproof luggage volume
  • Integrated lashing options for optional rack pack, tent, etc.
  • 2 large mesh pockets on the inside of the lid, each with zip fastener

Touratech Discovery2 soft luggage system

  1. Luggage system Discovery2, by Touratech Waterproof
    Luggage system Discovery2, by Touratech Waterproof
    As low as €379.32


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