Touratech Suspension Plug & Travel EVO

Touratech Suspension Plug & Travel EVO

Electronic suspension system for BMW R 1200 / 1250 GS

The Plug & Travel EVO electronic suspension system from Touratech Suspension is a completely new development. Thanks to numerous technical innovations, the semi-active suspension elements raise the handling of the BMW R 1200 / 1250 GS to an unprecedented level.

New development based on the experience gained over millions of kilometres

In 2013, Touratech launched the Plug & Travel suspension system as a high-quality replacement for the electronic suspension elements on the BMW R 1200 GS / R 1250 GS. Demanding GS riders thus received a semi-active suspension system for the first time, which was specially designed to meet the high loads resulting from riding with luggage on unpaved ground and at the same time offered exceptionally fine response behaviour and practical adjustment options.

The experience gained from riding millions of kilometres has now been incorporated into the completely newly developed high-end Plug & Travel EVO series.

Strong partners for a perfect product

To master the challenging task of redesigning an excellently functioning electronic suspension system while retaining its proven strengths and at the same time opening up new benefits for their customers, Touratech teamed up with two technology companies, leaders in their respective segments. Eibach, a world-renowned manufacturer of performance suspension systems, took over responsibility for the development and production of the particularly high-quality springs.

The electronic valve, the heart of every semi-active spring element, was developed in conjunction with the Dutch specialists from JRZ Suspension Engineering.

Worldwide patented electronic valve

The Plug & Travel EVO semi-active suspension system adjusts the damping in real time to the current conditions of the ground. For this purpose, the path and speed of the compression and extension movements are recorded by sensors.

Based on this data, the electromagnetic valve regulates the oil flow, so that a sensitive response is achieved while simultaneously maintaining the highest reserves against bottoming out.

The electronic valve used in the new Plug & Travel EVO suspension system line is patented worldwide. It reacts to the electronic control with unprecedented precision. And even when subjected to extreme damping pressures during tough offroad use, the flow and therefore the damping remain absolutely constant.

New Hyper Flow damper piston

The Hyper Flow shock absorber piston in the spring elements of the Plug & Travel EVO series has been completely redesigned. The oil flow is optimised in such a way that foam formation at very high damper speeds is effectively suppressed.

Unique low friction seal

To ensure maximum sealing of the damper with the lowest possible friction, the seal on the piston rod has also been redesigned. Due to the special shape of the ring, the sealing surface and therefore the friction remain constant at all times, regardless of the load. This guarantees a low breakaway torque and prevents the notorious slip-stick effect (backsliding).

Slim design, maximum functionality

Thanks to a one-piece milled bottom part, it was possible to reduce the weight of the spring elements while increasing their strength. The lower unsprung masses of the electronic shock absorbers offers yet another fundamental advantage.

Despite their smaller dimensions, the EVO elements realise the maximum possible spring travel allowed by the standard suspension geometry of the BMW R 1250 GS.

The Plug & Travel principle: seamless integration into your vehicle

The electronic spring elements from Touratech Suspension can be used to replace the standard Dynamic ESA shock absorbers on the BMW R 1250 / 1200 GS without any modifications to the vehicle. Installation is now even easier due to the slimmer layout, all standard plug connections are retained and operated as usual via the standard switches.

In line with this philosophy, the new EVO line does without an intermediate control unit and now processes the data from the central function unit (CFU) directly. There is no need for time-consuming teaching of the electronics. In addition, the integrated control system is able to immediately take into account all software updates installed via the BMW service, so that no additional spring element up-
date is required.

Powerful electric preload adjuster

The electric preload adjuster for electronic adjustment of the spring preload has also been completely redesigned. The engineers have succeeded in achieving a higher torque for rapid compression of the spring at a lower operating pressure. This puts less stress on the seals, which results in even longer durability.

Simple suspension system tuning

The pre-setting of the compression damping on the new EVO line is simple and intuitive, using a single element. Adjustment is carried out in 10 steps with an easy-to-use rotary knob, equipped with an easily readable scale. This also enables less experienced users to reliably implement individual suspension system setups.

End stop for the toughest applications

To meet the demands of the most extreme trails, the spring elements of the Plug & Travel EVO series have an end stop made of a foam-like plastic. This material deforms progressively under pressure, so that a gentle braking of extreme compression movement at the end of the working stroke is achieved.

High-quality Uniball bearings

Best durability thanks to minimal tolerances distinguishes the high-quality Uniball bearings. The new rubber seals are particularly pressure-resistant, so that they effectively keep out dirt and water, preventing premature wear.

The top 10 benefits

  • Newly developed electromagnetic valve
    • Precise response and highest control quality even under extreme continuous load enable consistent performance even under the toughest offroad conditions.

  • High-quality springs from Eibach
    • High-end material from the market leader in suspension tuning guarantees maximum service life as well as optimum function, whatever the riding situation.
  • Hyper Flow damper piston
    • The new design optimises oil flow and suppresses foaming, preventing cavitation damage even at the highest damper frequency.
  • Low friction seal
    • Maximum sealing and lowest possible friction: The new low friction seal combines sensitive response with long durability.
  • Robust electric preload adjuster
    • Faster and more reliable adjustment of the vehicle balance in the event of a change in load or when riding with a pillion passenger.
  • Convenient pressure level adjuster
    • An easily readable scale on the easy-to-use knob enables reliable and repeatable setups in ten steps, without tools.
  • Maximum possible spring travel
    • This innovative design gets the maximum spring travel out of the GS‘s geometry. This ensures ground clearance and reserves even in offroad use with luggage.

  • End stop with progressive buffer
    • The safety plus for extreme conditions. Extreme compression movement is gently absorbed by the suspension system, and comfort when riding offroad is noticeably improved.

  • New, lighter design
    • The one-piece milled bottom part offers a slim design with maximum strength. The unsprung masses have been reduced through clever weight savings, contributing to the sensitive response.

  • Fully service-enabled
    • Like all spring elements from Touratech Suspension, the new Plug & Travel EVO is fully service-enabled. Wear parts can be replaced cost-effectively, guaranteeing consistently high performance over a long product service life.

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