Touratech Voyager Jerrycan

Touratech Voyager Jerrycan

Steel construction to meet the highest demands

The new Touratech Voyager jerrycan provides a significant plus in terms of extra range. This ultra-rugged canister, made of sturdy sheet steel, can be attached with a favourable centre of gravity to the aluminium panniers of the ZEGA Evo range with a customised holder.

Thanks to modern engine technology and efficient electronic injection systems, current adventure bikes are exemplary in their use of valuable fuel. Super tankers like the primeval Ténéré or the two-valve Paris-Dakar version are therefore a thing of the past. But to this day, there are remote parts of the world that cannot be travelled with the standard tank capacity alone.

And it is precisely for this purpose that Touratech offers the Voyager jerrycan. This canister can be attached to the pannier with a holder specially developed for the accessory system of the ZEGA Evo panniers in a way that is both convenient and favourable in terms of centre of gravity. You then have two easily accessible litres of extra fuel on board, which can be decisive in tight situations.

Made entirely of steel, certified to strict military standards and UN approved for the transport of hazardous goods, the Voyager is able to withstand extreme stress. Every single one of these vapour-tight canisters is subjected to quality control. Another benefit of the ultra-rugged design: the canister does not inflate, even in strong sunlight, and therefore always fits perfectly into the holder. The Voyager is closed with a high-quality cap made of passivated aluminium and is leak-proof – a fact that is just as important from an environmental point of view as it is in terms of safety.

The patented basic construction of this canister made in the EU is rock solid, and this holds true for its fuel-resistant and rust-proof inner coating and the high-quality powder coating on the outside as well.

And let‘s not forget: with its heavy-duty look and bright yellow finish, the Touratech Voyager jerrycan gives every adventure bike a meaty expedition look.


  1. Metal fuel can Touratech "Voyager" 2 litre
    Metal fuel can Touratech "Voyager" 2 litre
  2. ZEGA Evo accessory holder "Voyager" canister 2 litres
    ZEGA Evo accessory holder "Voyager" canister 2 litres
  3. ZEGA Evo accessory holder set canister holder with fuel can "Voyager" 2 ltr
    ZEGA Evo accessory holder set canister holder with fuel can "Voyager" 2 ltr


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