Certification programme Touratech A.R.T.T.

Certification programme Touratech A.R.T.T.

Für Tourguides und Instruktoren

With the A.R.T.T. certification programme, Touratech sets internationally binding standards for instructors and tour guides in the premium segment. Graduates receive a skill set that enables them to create motorbike experiences at the very highest level.

Guided motorbike tours are becoming increasingly popular. Demanding motorcyclists in particular are often heavily involved in their careers, leaving them little time for their own planning. Nevertheless, they are looking for the perfect motorbike experience in their valuable free time.

On the other hand, many motorcyclists are also becoming increasingly demanding in terms of their own performance. High-quality motorbike training courses meet this desire to perfect riding skills.

Certification as a valuable guide

In response to the enormous demand, a huge, almost unmanageable range of organised tours and training courses has emerged, making it increasingly difficult for customers to identify high-quality offers. In this situation, quality labels backed by a brand with high credibility provide valuable guidance. This is the reason why Touratech, together with Edelweiss Bike Travel, the world‘s number 1 in motorbike
travel, has launched the A.R.T.T. certification programme.

What is A.R.T.T.?

A.R.T.T. stands for Adventure Rider Tours and Training. This succinctly describes the core segment of the rapidly growing market for high-quality off-road experiences by motorbike. The unique process of A.R.T.T. certification is based on core values such as excellence, integrity and authenticity, which are also the foundation of Touratech‘s premium claim. A.R.T.T. defines the standard that guarantees the highest level and unique experiences for tour and training participants.

Guides and instructors who have qualified for the programme acquire in-depth skills for the management of demanding tours and trainings as well as a broad portfolio of soft skills for the confident handling of complex group dynamic processes within the framework of the A.R.T.T. certification. Just as a tour guide not only leads a group of motorcyclists, but also welds them together into a community, the certified instructor understands how to accept each participant in his or her personality and promote them individually.

A.R.T.T. - the basis for successful business models

A.R.T.T. certification is therefore the perfect prerequisite for instructors and tour guides to stand out from the crowd and specifically address an upmarket audience.

In addition, A.R.T.T.-certified tour guides and instructors are authorised to integrate the Touratech brand into their marketing concept. They are also included in Touratech‘s exclusive listing - an excellent reference for a successful business model in the premium segment of the booming adventure market.

The way to the certificate

The application for an A.R.T.T. certification is always made via the Touratech Headquarters in Niedereschach or via a Touratech distributor. Guides and instructors applying for the programme must already have outstanding riding skills, as no riding technique is taught as part of the certification. After an individual selection process, the participants go through a five-day workshop that includes both practical and theoretical modules and is concluded by an examination. At the end of this structured process is the A.R.T.T. certificate.

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