The new Touratech Storm rain suit

The new Touratech Storm rain suit

Top class weather protection

Climate membrane, lots of comfort features and extensive customisation options – with its new Storm rain suit, Touratech is taking wet weather protection on motorcycles to a new level.

Touratech has reinterpreted the classic rain suit using the latest textile technology. And for good reason: Even in the age of membrane inserts, the tried-and-tested principle of the extra outer layer is far from obsolete. Because unlike in the case of inserts, where the wetness first penetrates the suit as far as the waterproof layer, in this classic combination, the rain stays where it belongs: outside.

One might think that‘s nothing new, we had that 60 years ago already. But far from it. With the Storm, Touratech merges the basic principle of the classic rain suit with the capabilities of the most modern functional clothing.

Waterproof and breathable: laminate with Hydratex technology

The robust blended fabric of the outer material is bonded with a Hydratex Lite membrane to form a completely windproof and waterproof laminate. However, the micropores of the membrane allow effective water vapour transport from the inside to the outside. This means that sweating is not an issue if you‘re wearing the Touratech Storm – even during physical exertion.

This suit also has reflective sections that greatly improve the visibility of the rider in unfavourable light conditions.

Easy to put on and supremely comfortable to ride in

With its two-piece design, the Touratech Storm rain suit is much easier to put on than a classic one-piece rain suit. In addition, the large adjustable Velcro system allows it to be pulled over your boots easily and ensures a tight-fitting leg closure regardless of the type of motorcycle boot worn. Additional Velcro straps enable individual width adjustment. And last but not least, the elastic waistband adjusts perfectly to the figure of the rider.

The Storm jacket offers even more extensive adjustment options. Two Velcro closures at the waist and under the upper arms allow for precise customisation so that nothing pinches or flutters. Further Velcro fastenings at the cuffs ensure secure closure around your gloves.

Two spacious inner pockets offer sufficient waterproof storage space. And when the sun shines again, the Touratech Storm disappears into the space-saving bag provided and can be conveniently stowed away.

The Touratech Storm rain suit is available in black with neon yellow sections in six sizes from S to 3XL. Jacket and trousers can be purchased separately.

Touratech Storm rain suit

  1. Rain jacket STORM
    Rain jacket STORM
    As low as €105.79
  2. Rain Pants STORM
    Rain Pants STORM
    As low as €70.50

The new Touratech rain suit Storm - top class weather protectionThe new Touratech rain suit Storm - top class weather protectionThe new Touratech rain suit Storm - top class weather protection


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