Fully automatic battery charger Absaar Pro 4.0 Li (incl. Lithium) 6/12V

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Delivery time: 3-5 days

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Whether lead-acid or lithium batteries, the universal trickle charger offers user-friendly and efficient battery charging. Simple and intuitive operation using the display sets the ABSAAR Pro Series apart from the competition.

- Battery types: 6/12V Lead, AGM, Gel and 12V LifePo4
- Protection class: IP65
- Charging voltage: 6 / 12 V
- Battery capacity: 6 / 12 V batteries up to 95 Ah
- Maintenance charge: 140 Ah
- Charging capacity: 4 A
- Charging steps: 11
- Protection functions: Reverse polarity and short circuit protection; desulphation function for lead batteries.
- Accessories: O-ring connectors for easy connection on seasonal vehicles such as motorbikes, classic cars, convertibles
- Display: Premium LCD display for user-friendly operation
- Housing: ABS plastic with integrated cable winder

Winter mode for use at low temperatures

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