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HSE SportEyes: AIR-STREAM - photochromic

Sports glasses, Sunglasses
Fast self-tinting lenses
Stone impact resistant due to plastic safety lenses
HLT® quality lenses for distortion-free & precise vision
UV400 protection filter for 100% UVA, UVB & UVC protection

Coolness and sportiness are not opposites. In addition, the "AIR-STREAM" of course meets the high standard of all glasses of the HSE SportEyes brand: they comply with DIN and ANSI standards. Equipped with UV400 protection filter, bullet-proof lenses and anti-fog coating on both sides. Includes microfiber pouch for storing and cleaning the glasses!

The top class: Self-tinting lenses (Transitions XTRActive)
This is revolutionary! These high-quality self-tinting or photochromic plastic lenses react not only to sunlight (UV radiation), but also to the existing light conditions, that is, to the existing ambient light!

The tint reacts thereby also:
- behind a visor
- behind a windshield (also in a car)
- in closed rooms on glaring light or daylight (behind a window pane!)

No conventional lens can do that! This lens technology combines several patented processes, which are the result of more than 20 years of research and innovation.

For maximum safety - on the road!
In addition, these Transitions XTRActive plastic lenses are a special production, for the eyeglass manufacturer (HELBRECHT optics) as safety lenses - especially for motorcyclists!
These plastic lenses are manufactured according to DIN EN 166 "personal eye protection".
This increased protection level (break resistance of the lenses e.g. in case of falling rocks) is essential for motorcyclists, especially when riding with jet helmet, braincap or open visor.

These "intelligent" and high-quality plastic lenses are directly incorporated / ground into the glasses by the glasses manufacturer (HELBRECHT optics). Best quality: MADE IN GERMANY!

HSE SportEyes

HSE SportEyes - the sports eyewear line whose roots lie in motorsports. High-quality sports glasses that offer protection and a sporty design at a fair price. HSE racing glasses are primarily designed to ensure a pleasant comfort in connection with the wearing of a full-face helmet. Of course, our sports glasses are also available in prescription - MADE IN GERMANY.

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